Book a room for a night, weekend, or a week at the New Casablanca on the Ocean and request one of our Sultan Suites. Everything about us is new and we are focused on YOU our GUEST and the experience you will have with Us at the New Casablanca on the Ocean. 

WARNING - When booking a room at the Casablanca make certain you are booking with the HOTEL and not an individual condo owner representing themselves as offering a room at the Hotel.  The Casablanca is a Condominium and there are many owners renting their rooms to the public causing many problems and bad reviews on the Internet because the rooms rented are far below the STANDARDS set by the Hotel Operator SG Resorts.  Condo Renters find out way to late to get their money back and for the most part their bad experience is posted on the Internet giving the Hotel a BAD REVIEW when the bad review belongs to the Condo Owner renting his or her condo to the unsuspecting renter who things he or she is renting a room from the Hotel. 

Call (888) 453-5666 and speak to Mily Gomez-Schecher to make certain you booking is with the Hotel and not a condo owner trying to rent you his or her room which is below the STANDARDS set by the Hotel and which does not include any of the Hotel Amenities. 

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